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Shimano Eyewear - CE-Technium Sunglasses

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The Shimano CE Technium are built for aggressive trail riding.

The single-piece lens features vents to stop it from fogging up and provides an excellent wide angle of vision so you won't miss any sneaky branches. The lightweight design and non-slip temples mean they will feel comfortable all day and won't fall off while you are hammering through rock gardens.

They come with a sturdy travel case and the soft pouch can be used as a cleaning cloth so not only do they look rad but they will always be ready to go.

Frame type and fit: They are fully framed sunglasses made from lightweight and durable Grilamid TR-90 thermoplastic. They are made using CNC injection moulding for symmetry and a perfect fit.

Lens features: The lens is made from Polyamide, an extremely lightweight and impact-resistant material with outstanding clarity. The lenses have a hydrophobic coating that repels water to keep them clear through rain and mud. An anti-scratch treatment will keep them looking sharp for longer, and your eyes will thank you for wearing them due to the full UV400 protection.

Ridescape lenses: Ridescape enhances the riding experience by boosting the visual richness of the environment for the best optical clarity and definition to suit various conditions. Ridescape scene-specific cycling lenses are scientifically tuned to emphasise colours and highlight the objects and surfaces unique to each riding environment.

Environments that would normally be washed out, dull or flat become more clearly defined, vibrant and vivid. Off-Road-tuned lenses reduce glare from sun leaks when riding in and out of the shade and sharpen visual awareness so you can react more quickly to various trail surfaces (rocks, soil, sand) and common obstacles (roots, stumps, gaps). Gravel-tuned lenses boost the contrast of a wide range of surfaces to highlight subtle transitions between gravel, dirt, and asphalt.