Meet The Team

Meet Courtney – Owner and Visionary


Courtney, the mastermind behind the operation, launched the first store in Palm Cove back in 2017 with the expectation of growth in MTB riding and tours in Far North Queensland, in line with the worldwide trend. Her background in Sports Administration & Cycling Design/Manufacturing has given her a unique perspective, and she is thrilled about the future of Cycling in Far North Queensland.

Meet Nick: The Silent Partner of Biked World


Meet Nick, our silent partner and the other half of Courtney. He's the knowledgeable one, similar to Shifu in Kung Fu Panda (although we know he probably won't like the comparison!). He's the go-to person for any questions, whether it's about mechanics or trails. Nick is straightforward and factual, making him the perfect fit for his "silent" role.

Introducing Nichole: Our Wildly Knowledgeable Tour Manager


Meet Nichole, your ultimate source of information and fun when exploring the Far North Queensland Mountains. With over 30 years of local experience, Nichole is passionate about everything related to cycling in our tropical paradise. She's here to answer all your booking queries and any other tricky questions you may have. Plus, you're guaranteed to have a laugh with Nichole – she's a bit crazy in all the right ways.

Meet Our Head Tour Guide: Vincenzo


Vincenzo is one of our most experienced tour guides, with a passion for cycling since childhood. He has even represented Italy in Red Bull Racing! Vincenzo has a caring nature and happily rides alongside beginners, offering helpful tips and engaging conversation along the way. However, he's also more than capable of keeping up with the most daring downhill riders or navigating the open road. Vincenzo's talent and love for biking make him an invaluable member of the Biked Team here in Far North Queensland.

Meet Glen - Our Expert Mechanic and Trail Guide


We think we are pretty fortunate to have Glen on our team. Along with his expertise in mechanics, Glen has travelled the world, building and riding the most epic trails, including an Ironman along the way somewhere. Thanks to Glen's extensive knowledge of the Far North's backcountry and everything in between, we are sure our tour repertoire will be growing very soon!

Meet Our Adorable Shop Dogs: Wally and Ally


Our store is lucky to have two furry friends that visit often and are happy to receive pats and snuggles. Wally is a black lab and a big ball of love, who never fails to put a smile on your face with his silly antics. On the other hand, Ally, our Border Collie, has a gentle and welcoming nature. We would love to take Ally out on the trails with us, as she has boundless energy and could run for hours. Perhaps in the future, that dream will come true.