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Shimano BR-R9270 Resin Pads & Spring - L05A-RF w/Fin


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Shimano Brake Pads With Fins Shimano Resin Disc Brake Pads with Fins perform well in all conditions, ensuring excellent stopping power at all times. These brake pads are fade-resistant, produce minimal noise, and have a longer pad life than their competitors.

With Fins The radiator fin prolongs pad life and aids in cooling under heavy braking conditions.



• Softer pad compound

• Quieter than sintered metal pads

• Emphasis on good modulation

• Especially designed for dry and wet


These Shimano Resin Pads Are Suitable For

• BR-R9170

• BR-R8070

• BR-RS805

• BR-RS505

• BR-RS405

• BR-RS305