PRO Race Control Microfibre Bar Tape Black


Provides Effective Road Vibration Absorption Thanks to its microfibre synthetic leather construction PRO Race Control Bar Tape provides an extremely durable, grippy, and smooth-riding surface making it ideal for racing scenarios or daily jaunts. The tape has good flex for easy wrapping and its 2.5mm thickness provides effective road vibration relief for the hands.

Includes PRO Endplugs and Branded Fixing Tape PRO Race Control Bar Tape comes with finishing strips and plastic bar plugs included and will give you the bar control and racing edge you're chasing without any of the gaudy colourings and prints you'd rather avoid.

Box Contents 2 x PRO Race Control Bar Tape Rolls (enough to do right & left handlebars) 2 x Bar End Plugs (Plastic) 2 x Strips of Finishing Tape