PRO Race Comfort PU Bar Tape Black


Continually tested and refined the padding in the material provides plenty of road vibration absorption but does not deprive you of that all-important road 'feel'. Easy to apply, the 2.5mm thick tape is made of PU leather and microfibre material with an extra grippy ridged surface to ensure your grip remains firm, even in the wet.

Easy to Apply and Replace With good flex for easy wrapping this medium weight bar tape is extremely durable and features easy-to-manipulate and re-jig, sticky Silicon grip backing to allow for corrections to be made when installing. The Smart Silicon adhesive backing prevents the bar tape from sliding around on the handlebars thus making it super-easy to maintain control of the bike bar at all times. Best of all, it leaves no residue on the bar when the time comes to replace the tape.

Box Contents 2 Rolls x PRO Race Comfort Bar Tape (enough to do right & left handlebars) 2 x PRO End Plugs (Plastic) 2 Strips x Finishing Tape with PRO logo

Installation Though it might take a few tries to get the tension and overlap just right the estimated install time for bar tape application is approx 30 minutes for first-timers; 15 minutes (or less) for experienced mechanics. Branded end plugs & finishing tape strips are provided and the generously measured lengths of rolled tape supplied in the kit are enough to do the right & left handlebars.