Peaty's Chris King Tubeless Valves MARK 2 - 42mm Length


With design, sustainability & quality running right to the core, there’s only one company Peaty's could work with on their valve colours - Chris King! With their valves For Life guarantee and their stunning colourways your bike is in for a real treat for years to come!

Still made made from lightweight anodised 7075 aluminium as standard, their new mk2 tubeless valves are now compatible with all rim inserts and come with a spoke key cap as well as a valve core removal cap.

That's right ... The best just got even better!

Their MK2 valves now come with a WORLD-FIRST SPOKE KEY Presta valve CAP!


Insert Compatible Base - The addition of a unique four-way x-cut base to enables their valves to now work with all tyre inserts. The channels cut into the base of the valve allow air and sealant to pass through when inserts are pushed up against them. Unlike most other insert-compatible valves, their valves have a ‘straight-through’ design so there’s no reduction of sealant or air flow when tyre inserts are not used. All of this with no added weight!

Spoke Key Cap - The spoke key is sized for standard 3.4mm spoke nipples and is the perfect tool for tightening loose spokes in trailside emergencies. To use, simply unscrew the cap, slot your spoke through the gap in the top of the cap and slide down the spoke until the cap fits over your spoke nipple.

Valve Core Remover Cap - Whether you're in the workshop or out on the trail, their valve core remover caps help to quickly remove the valve core to deflate the tyre or top up with sealant.

Spoke key cap
Valve core remover cap
Made from 7075 aluminium
Valve for life guarantee
Insert Compatible base
Smoked black valve core
42mm length
Replaceable rubber base
Fits all tubeless ready rims