Rock Guardz Mudguards


Measuring just 325mm and weighing just 100g, the Rockguardz CG325 carbon mudguard is super compact and feather-light. It is our most compact front guard and is perfect for weight-conscious racers, summer riding or dry climates. It’s perfect for riders that want a year-round guard to keep their fork safe and their vision clear.

Will fit any fork with a forward-facing brace.

The CG185 is super simple and low-profile, keeping muck and debris away from your linkage and rear shock without the added weight or looks of a full guard. Like all of our carbon products, it is handmade in Shropshire, UK using top quality carbon fibre for a superior blend of strength and weight and for a perfect fit with your frame.

The CG185 is supplied undrilled for maximum flexibility, allowing you to customise it to exactly fit your frame. Comes supplied with a selection of zip ties.