Jagwire- Basics BMX-caliper AW compound


All-Weather Rim Brakes Jagwire Basics Hi-Po BMX Caliper Brake Pads are made with a great, all-weather compound for superior modulation and stopping power in both wet and dry riding conditions. They are sold in pairs and include threaded nuts for secure installation. Compatible with "U" brake or Caliper style braking systems these Universal replacement aluminium-rim pads are ideal for those seeking reliable and consistently durable brake pad performance.

Don't Ride On Worn Out Pads Don't risk your personal safety, or indeed your life, by riding on worn brake pads. Ride safely with Jagwire confidence by conducting regular maintenance checks on the health of your brake pads. Cleaning and replacing them when required will always be time and money well spent, especially at Jagwire's affordable prices.