Single Trail Garage Stand


RacksThe Single Trail Garage Stand turns your upright rack into a storage solution – and keeps your bikes in order.

It’s no secret that bike racks are hard to store. So rather than finding space to store your vertical rack, replace your current bike storage with their wheeled garage stand.

Single Trail's garage stand is a simple, wheeled vertical bike rack stand that provides a solution to storing your bike rack at home. Instead of needing a place to store your bikes and your upright rack in the garage, use them as your storage solution.

They designed their bike rack stand to support 50mm trailer hitch-mounted racks that carry up to 6 bikes. Whether full of bikes or empty, their garage stand will safely store your vertical rack and any bikes it’s carrying.


The Single Trail Garage Stand will fit all Single Trail racks, and most 50mm trailer hitch mounted vertical racks.