Meet The Team



Biked Owner Courtney

Courtney Bio: Owner and brains trust of the operation, Courtney opened the flagship store in anticipation of the growth in MTB riding and tours in Far North Queensland, following the worldwide trend already being seen. With a background in Children's Cycling and Sports Administration, seeing kids visit the region but not being able to experience the beauty of the area was just not right, you can't come to Tropical Queensland to sit on technology!

What I Love: I love the simple pleasure of nature, the ocean, the mountains, the grassy plains, the rivers, the animals. My family is my world, my 3 kids and the funny bearded fella in the below picture. All of us together enjoying the beauty of Far North Queensland is my love (plus the 2 whoofers)

In My Previous Life: I think I must have been a Labrador, I just seem to find happiness in the simplest of things. Sometimes I look at Wally, pictured below and I just get what he's thinking.

My Favourite Ride Ever: I think the best ride I have had is taking my 8 year old son on a MTB ride at Smithfield Mountain Bike Park one day, he just didn't want to go home, hours and hours and hours later, track after track, he would have stayed all night if I had of let him, when he got in the car for the drive home, he said "that was the best day ever Mum". I also enjoyed watching my daughters have the same thrill one day at a MTB training camp, where my eldest daughter, bruised and battered, blood dripping from the knee from a stack said "That last ride was amazing, the best ride I have ever had" and my youngest daughter (6) aka "little kamikaze", out rode all the boys, tore up the tracks, then as a matter of fact simply said "that was fun"........ Pure and simple.

What I Would Do If I Was Given an ElephantOh goodness, I would have to take it home to the kids, of course there would be a fight over who's room it was going to sleep in, but I have visions of it being played with. One of them teaching it how to cook, the other child making it stand in the soccer goals, so he could ping some balls at it, the third child would probably just read books to it. Yep, it would fit in perfectly with our family.


PART OWNER & HEAD MECHANIC (Covid Beard now shaved) - Nick

Biked Tour Guide & Mechanic

Nicks Bio: Nicks family are originally from the High Country of Victoria, Mansfield, which is where his love for Mountains comes from. Although most of his childhood was spent with his Uncle and Dad at Mt Bulla in the snow, not much chance of seeing snow in Cairns, so he has adapted. He lives on the beaches of Cairns with his other half and 3 kids, close to the surrounding Mountain Bike Trails   but close enough to the beach  to entertain the 3 kids and 2 whoofers!

What I Love: Snow, Snow and more Snow. Really didn't plan that well did I? Oh well the Tropical Mountains are just as good, I'm very lucky.

In My Previous Life: I was a sloth, slow movement, slow speech, hanging from a tree, just chilling. I'm the complete opposite now as I did all that in the past life, now I get out and enjoy a fast MTB thrill, faster the better. ( I don't talk fast, Courtney (other owner) says I don't talk much at all).

My Favourite Ride Ever: Riding locally with my mates is my favourite riding, finding all the double black runs, hidden away that only the locals know about, anything Kamikaze, for a thrill. Riding with my kids, all 3 are troopers and don't complain about much.

What I Would Do If I Was Given an ElephantI would take it skydiving, I wonder what would happen if an elephant jumped out of a plane? How fast would it take to get to the ground????

HEAD TOUR GUIDE  - Vincenzo (Vin for short)

Vins Bio: Hello I'm Vin! I'm an ex-cross country cyclist from Italy, and I've done some exhilarating rides all around the world, from the Alps to the Himalayas. I spent the first 26 years of my life at home in Italy, racing and touring is my life and passion. I have been travelling around the world for 5 years now, until I came to Cairns where I fell in love with the city, here is home for the time being.

What I Love: Im always up for an adventure, long days on the mountain riding is my favourite. I love learning new things and when I'm not out chasing new trails I enjoy food and making memories with my friends. I also love creating cocktail and getting my friends drunk (responsibly of course!!)

In My Previous Life: I think I must have been a homeless person, I have a feeling I enjoyed living a life of not caring about anything in particular, which scares me but also interests me.

My Favourite Ride Ever: I went for a solo cross country ride in Livigno (Italy), I got lost along the way and thought I was going to spend the night alone and cold in the Mountains, but as fate would have it a friend passed by and we ended up spending the night in a nearby town. Expect the unexpected, it was a great adventure.

What I Would Do If I Was Given a ElephantI would probably introduce it to my flat mates first, otherwise having such a huge presence in the garden might scare someone. Then I would definitely teach it how to swim, I am always afraid of going into the sea, but with an elephant I could probably overcome my fears. It would become the best swimming elephant in the world.




Customer Service Biked

Kaylas Bio: Kayla is the super duper customer service champion you will find at the end of the telephone when making bookings. We have never had such a magnificent staff member who goes out of her way to help you in any way possible. She is a complete sweetheart.

What I love: I love learning about all sorts of new things, dipping my toes into all different hobbies - fashion (especially vintage!), language studies, tea collecting, writing, cooking, and anything involving a computer! I volunteer for a community youth group in my off-time, and help run their various creative social groups. I suppose you could say I'm a bit of a closet nerd! 

In My Previous Life: I've always been told I'm a bit of an old-soul... I think I must've been a little old grandma, always cooking way too much food just to share it with everyone, and putting everyone to sleep with my stories. 💤

My Favourite Ride: Taking the E-scooters down the track to Clifton and Kewarra Beach is my favourite ride in this area, and I would love to help book in your bike or scooter hire to get you out there and relaxing in all that our gorgeous Northern Beaches have to offer. I hope you enjoy your ride! 💕 (I don't want to say favourite ride ever, because I'm sure there's still plenty more for me to see out there!)

What would I do if I was given an elephant? It’s a difficult question to answer, but I think I would call up the RSPCA to ensure that they’re able to find it a good and loving home, or help get it back to it’s original home - I just don’t think I have the yard space to take care of it properly myself!

But if I did have all of the resources to take care of it… I’d design a bunch of different clothes for my elephant to wear, so that we can sport matching outfits every day and share our awesome looks on Instagram 😎🐘



Wally Bio: I am 1 year old, born in Toowoomba, I think my Mum and Dad were those dogs that like to show off at Dog Shows, me I just like being a goof ball and playing where's Wally, its always hard to find me in the dark!

What I Love: Food, cuddles, then more food, going to work at the bike shop, everyone wants to pat me!

In My Previous Life: I was definitely an olympic diver, you should see me launch into a pool.

What I Would Do If I Was Given an ElephantCan you eat elephants? No... ok well then I would just see who could do the biggest bomb in the pool. 



Ally Bio: I am 1 year old too, born right here in Far North Queensland on a farm in Babinda. My Mum and Dad are farm dogs, I'm super affectionate, but I don't listen to Nick or Courtney, I run my own race! Oh and Wally, yeah, I rule him too.

What I Love: Balls...... Big Balls, Small balls, basketballs, soccer balls, cricket balls, beach almonds (they're round), tennis balls, rubber balls. Get my drift????

In My Previous Life: I believe I might have been a pest control officer, I seem to have no issues scaring off birds, geckos and cane toads. In fact, I think I have made Nick & Courtney's back yard clear of anything with a heartbeat!

What I Would Do If I Was Given an ElephantI would get someone to dress it up in a big wooly suit and then I would practice rounding it up, yes it would be my pet sheep-elephant.